PaaMoja Initiative is Community Based Non-profit organization that empowers individuals from the second biggest slum in Kenya, Mathare - a large settlement which has about 500,000 inhabitants crammed into tiny shacks in a hilly area that looks to be less than a square mile - to acquire and practice life skills, access resources, design & execute community development programs and most significantly give back to the community.

We believe everyone can be a leader, but before becoming one, you have to follow and in following you get to learn hence – Follow. Learn. Lead.

Our Mission

Our main objective of establishing the youth movement is to change the day to day negative lifestyle of the young people who live within the sprawling slums of Mathare Valley and its neighbourhoods, by creating effective awareness, via our activities, about Sexuality, Leadership and Life skills, and their interrelatedness; thus improving the living and knowledge standards of Mathare residents.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a paradigm shift on how young people in Mathare contribute and participate in positive development of the community.

Our Values

By coming together as young people, who otherwise would be abusing drugs, stealing or just idling in the neighbourhood, we believe in the long-term rewards of developing our community, not only for us, being the outright beneficiaries, but also for the coming generations. Thus, discipline, commitment and selflessness happen to be our greatest values. We also believe in the spirit of togetherness and fair distribution of responsibilities and benefits.


Currently, we have more than 20 trained facilitators, both male and female. All members are entitled to group benefits and responsibilities equally regardless of age, tribe, religion, or gender.