The Story

The Story

PaaMoja Initiative is a community-based organization that gives youth in Mathare Slums and other Nairobi’s underserved communities an opportunity to achieve their greatest leadership and livelihood potential. 

We equip these youth with life skills, resources, and most importantly, the opportunity to design and execute programs to give back to their community.

We believe that every individual can be a leader, and that in the process of becoming a leader, one must follow and learn – hence our mantra – Follow. Learn. Lead.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to positively impact the day-to-day lifestyles of people living within the sprawling slums of Mathare Valley and its neighbourhoods. Our activities focus on Sexuality, Leadership, and Life Skills, and aim to improve knowledge, strengthen awareness, and empower Mathare’s residents to make smart lifestyle choices related to these topics.

Our Vision

We envision a future where a critical mass of young people in Mathare and other underserved communities in Nairobi, contribute and participate in the positive development of their community.

Our Values

We believe in the long-term rewards of developing our community, not only for us, but also for the coming generations. Our guiding principle is ‚ÄúParticipation and Contribution‚ÄĚ. While we strive to foster a spirit of togetherness and fairness, our core values are commitment, dedication, and selflessness.