Sekete - The Real Sex Talk

Sekete - The Real Sex Talk

Sekete is a “sheng” (urban language mostly used by youth) word for Sex. The program is designed to create sexual awareness among teens in Mathare Slums. Teens are challenged to become more aware of issues, prejudices and experiences in their sexuality.

Our approach is to facilitate the sessions in small groups so as to create a safe and secure environment in which teens are educated about a variety of topics connected to sex, sexuality and their (sexual) identity.

An array of very sensitive topics will be addressed by creative activities like role plays, games and other interactive elements facilitated by two trainers – a male and a female. As a result, teens are challenged in owning their sexuality and encouraged to make more conscious choices due to the knowledge and sharing.

Sekete offers personal guidance by the trainer, sincere feedback and facilitates social sharing as part of the positive group dynamics. Sekete is a unique training methodoly designed for a unique context.

We are looking for young, motivated and dynamic people ready to give back to their community, To Apply click HERE.