Adole Chat!

Adole Chat!

PaaMoja Initiative believes that adolescence is the most vital point in ones life due to the fact that it can either make or break ones entire future. All in all, there is a need to put the record straight for once and for all so that the young ones can make informed decisions that will eventually shape-up their bright future.

After doing a thorough research in the Mathare slums and its environs, we have realised that adolescence is one point in life which is mostly ignored by both the authorities and the community at large. No one really seems to care about the adolescents and their needs. Due to this fact and others not mentioned herewith, we realised that there is an urgent need to educate and sensitize the adolescents on issues affecting them.

The main agenda of Adole Chat! Program is to reach out to adolescents in the marginalised non-formal schools in Mathare Slum and its environs. Our weekly sessions are designed to offer upper primary pupils a chance to talk openly about issues that affect them in regards to Sexuality, Leadership and Life Skills - simply put; “Demystifying Myths”.

Adole Chat! Program currently runs in 4 schools – CODMAN Academy, Bridge International Academy, MCEDO Beijing School and NECI Academy respectively.

Our implementation plan has been to offer high standard training to our own facilitators who eventually hold discussion sessions with our targeted adolescents. Their main work is to offer guidance rather than plainly teaching. But in some cases they ought to differentiate facts from myths for the benefit of the class.

Adole Chat! is currently supported by our patron Averie Baird Gachuhi and Project Chance Africa founder Suan Cross.