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Francis Amianda

Francis Amianda


Born outside Mathare but grew up in Mathare slum up to today, Francis also known as Franco is currently volunteering as a teacher at MCEDO Beijing Primary school where he teaches Swahili and Science in upper classes. Besides that he also volunteers at Mathare Youth Sport Association (MYSA) as a librarian during the weekends and late hours in the course of the week.

After completing my his O levels, he thought it would be beneficial to me to join this organization as a way of giving back to the community in bid to impart life skills to the young generation of Mathare. Through doing so, he has realised that importance of interacting with young people who have big ambition of driving this nation in the near future.

His self-esteem has also been boosted by interaction with fellow facilitators who bring different skill-sets.

Furthermore, he has also volunteered at LEPTA Community.

He believes that leadership is not determined by largeness of one’s office, but with occupation of the mind. He likes watching movies, traveling, and chatting with friends.