The Team

Nashon Luvohwa

Nashon Luvohwa


Nashon was born and raised in an area known as Kosovo in Mathare Slums. He went to MCEDO primary school and later joined Wang’apala High School courtesy of Canada-Mathare Education Trust; a scholarship program that helps needy but bright scholars from Mathare Slums.

Growing in Mathare enabled Nashon to learn how to cope with many challenges that he faced. These experiences helped him to live harmoniously with other scholars from different communities and social standing at his boarding school based in the up-country parts of Kenya.

After completing his O-level education, Nashon joined a guiding and counseling training with Duara Foundation. He has also participated in leadership training with SEPTA which addressed the issue of drug addiction. Later on he participated in a social entrepreneurship course organized by Sauder School of Business.

Always keen to learn, Nashon is currently a student in NairoBits School of Digital Design where he is undertaking graphic and web design.

Ever since he left high school, Nashon has continuously volunteered both in the CMETrust alumni group as a mentor as well as in helping to run the Mathare office.

Nashon has been a reliable member of PaaMoja Initiative since its formation, and he is currently the Adole Chat! program coordinator in charge of smooth relations between the organization and its partner schools. He is also a member of RUKA! – a Youth Leadership Conference organized by PaaMoja & JUMP! Foundation to be held in June, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya –organizing team.

He is passionate about networking, meeting new friends, sharing ideas on how the new generation can change the community. His main aim is to change the society through education and creating awareness.

In his free time, he enjoys playing football, meeting with friends and watching movies.